Office 2010

This blog will give you a high level overview of how to deploy Office 2010 using Bundle Commander.

1) Copy the contents of your Microsoft Office 2010 (Standard Edition or Enterprise Edition) ISO to a Windows file share or OES volume.

2) In the root of the folder you will find 'setup.exe'. Run this one with the switch '/ admin':

setup.exe /admin

This will start the 'Microsoft Office Customization Tool'.

3) Select the product for which you want to create a 'Customization File' for.

4) Configure the 'Install location and organization name' settings.

5) Configure the 'Licensing and user interface' settings.

  • Either use your KMS or MAK key.
  • Accept the license agreement
  • Choose display level = None.
  • Uncheck 'Completion notice'
  • Check 'Suppress modal'
  • Check 'No cancel'

6) Configure 'Modify Setup Properties'

  • Add 'AUTO_ACTIVATE=1' when using a MAK key in order to automatically activate the Office 2010 installation

7) Modify user settings according your needs

8 ) Configure shortcuts

  • Remove all shortcuts

9) From the main menu choose 'File, Save As' and save the customization file as 'custom.msp

10) In Bundle Commander select the 'setup.exe'. If you don't use an additional config.xml for configuration parameters, remove the "/config config.xml" part of the command line parameters

11) If you like to include all updates for Microsoft Office 2010, please have a look at 'Update Commander'. After you've installed Office 2010 on a clean machine, please install the Microsoft Update engine and run 'Update Commander'. Download all Microsoft Updates you like to include, extract the .msp (Microsoft Patch) files from the downloaded cab files and copy them into the 'Updates' folder of your Microsoft Office share.

12) If you like to create Launch Bundles for Microsoft Office products like Excel, Word or Powerpoint, select your Microsoft Office directory first. Then filter for all executable files by filtering the 'Ext' column for 'exe'. Select each executable and click 'Create Bundle(s):

13) Link the Launch Bundle(s) with the Install Bundle by adding an Install Bundle action in ZENworks Configuration Center:

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