Bundle Commander Build 2.0.6

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Today we've released Bundle Commander 2.0.6. Check out the release notes of the last two builds below:

3/2/2017: 2.0.6
- Added a new ribbon ‘Social Media’ to the Ribbon bar
- Added several tooltips to tools in the context menu
- Fixed a Feature-related issue in the Configuration Wizard engine
- Fixed an import/export issue
- Fixed an issue where missing features in a Configuration Wizard would be dropped in the mst file
- Updated icons for the ‘Setup Store’

9/8/2016: 2.0.5
- Added the option to edit a selected MSI in Advanced Installer
- Added an option creating a bundle to add it to a bundle group
- Added an option to add (a) selected bundle(s) to one or more bundle groups
- Fixed an issue where closing the Configuration Wizard Manager would close the Options screen as well
- Fixed an issue changing Features in an MSI Configuration Wizard
- Fixed an UI issue in the Repackaging Wizard when the App-V 5 sequencer is not installed
- Fixed an exception selecting the Repackaging Wizard in the Setup Store when no file has been downloaded
- Updated icons for the ‘Setup Store’


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