Support for legacy setups

Bundle Commander Professional Edition has extensive support for vendor 'legacy setups' (non-MSI based setups):

  • The Professional Edition provides consistent unattended/silent switches for legacy setups made with common setup software like BitRock Installer, DeployMaster, Ethalone Ghost Installer, InnoSetup, Install4j, InstallAware, InstallShield, NSIS, Setup Builder and Wise, and for bootstrappers created using Advanced Installer, InstallShield, Visual Studio or WiX.
  • The Professional Edition provides consistent naming ('Application Name' and 'Application Display Name') for your Windows applications in Novell ZENworks Configuration Management. Either the default name is extracted from the installer itself or is read from our own internal database of legacy setups.

Most legacy setups setups are covered by the above features. We already have a significant list of setups for which support was explicitly added. Either because a specific setup system was being used, and our generic scanner couldn't determine the correct unattended/silent switches, and/or we had to come up with a more consistent naming.


If your setup isn't supported, please request adding support for your specific legacy setup by sending us the details by selecting the setup in Bundle Commander and opting for 'Submit for Analysis'.